Kalia is a designer working in various fields of communication, with a focus on branding & UX design. Born & raised on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, this midwest creative is currently working as a freelance graphic & web designer. 
Her goal is to combine practical design for sustainability with visually appealing aesthetics to increase emotional durability & social awareness among her generation and the next. Strategizing paths & methods of engagement based on a target audience is important to her creative process. Along with the creative act, she values the reaction of the audience as essential to the "art" itself.
With a BFA degree in graphic design, Kalia takes a professional, yet passionate approach to her work that is always forward thinking & conscientious. She has created visuals across various digital platforms from social media marketing & management to advertising local artist's exhibitions. She also volunteers her branding knowledge to improve the online presence and communication campaigns of local grassroots & community-based initiatives.
Kalia is available to relocate for work aligned with her passions, ethics & motivations.
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