The challenge was to design an identity system & supporting graphics (promotional materials, signage, programs advertising, etc) for the 2016 ArtsX event hosted at BGSU every December. The event embodies the creative and dynamic spirit if the arts at BGSU, and has a distinctly voltaic atmosphere as performances, exhibitions, demonstrations and sales co-mingle.
Our design team collaboratively worked to concept an event theme based on a guest artist who specializes in aerial acts. Naming the late 2016 event VOLANTI — Seeking Unknown Heights, allowed the tone of the event to be visually embraced through a series of cloud permutations in explosive colors that mimic the phantasmagoria of the event itself. Our team has to formally and regularly present our work to the client (ArtsX Steering Committee) prior to moving forward in each phase of the project.
The final solutions include a series of dynamically oriented posters that were hung to create a repeating pattern and large-scale wall. Additional pieces of collateral include; print ads, social media graphics, event and room signage,program, digital schedules, maps and buttons.
ArtsX Design Team
Silver Addy Winner
 Additionally, a video-based instagram campaign was produced featuring videos co-created with digital artist Helen Holman & Hailey Ameling.

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