COGN Baby is a patient care system app aimed at helping mothers of infants, toddlers & babies in utero encourage cognitive empathy within their children. The name ‘COGN’ is the Latin root word for ‘to learn’. Cognitive empathy is the ability to mental understand and relate to another person as if it was yourself. Before the age of two, empathy is encouraged in children. However once they gain more independence, achievement based cognitive skills are rewarded over empathy. COGN Baby includes empathy exercises & activities that not only aid brain development but also creates a stronger bond between mother and child.
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COGN Baby reminds parents to praise Empathetic behavior more often and to recognize acts of kindness, teaching the child specifically what they did right.
Scroll down the home screen to access the calendar to set reminders, schedule doctor appointments, and bonding time for you and your baby.
Set a countdown timer until your expected delivery or track your child’s growth throughout the pregnancy
Users create a personalized account to get started.
Encouraging emotional expression of feelings helps you to express your own feelings and teaches children how actions can affect others.
New tips on empathy, bonding, development and parenthood are offered on the home screen everyday.
Music helps create a wonderful bonding experience for mom and baby, reduce stress levels during pregnancy, enhance the stimulation of your unborn baby’s growing brain, and improve sleeping patterns for a newborn baby.

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